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It’s time to think about what technology you or your student will need to ensure success. For ultimate flexibility in the way you learn, communicate, access information, and complete homework, consider a 2-in-1 Windows tablet such. Here are five quick tips to help get the most out of your 2-in-1 as you head back to school.
Just in time for school, receive a limited edition neoprene sleeve with the 2-in-1 Windows tablet for easy transport to and from school.
Upgrade to Windows 10
users are eligible for a free* upgrade to Windows 10, which introduces new features such as Cortana, Windows Continuum, Microsoft Edge, and more. With Windows 10, students will experience improved performance and get the most out of their tablet.
Use the Touch Screen or the Keyboard
The great thing about a 2-in-1 is that it mixes the best of both worlds; it has the utility of a laptop and the ease-of-use and flexibility of a tablet. In order to get the most out of your make sure to take full advantage of its versatility at school. The touch screen gives students a better way to connect with content and many kinesthetic and visual learners will find it much easier to understand topics; while the full-sized detachable keyboard allows students to comfortably work on long papers and other typing-intensive projects.
Take Advantage of Apps
One of the main benefits of having a 2in1 tablet at school is that it gives you access to countless educational apps. One app in particular, myHomework, provides a great way for students to keep organized. With myHomework, students are able to track and receive due date reminders for assignments, projects and tests. Other apps such as Flashcards Pro and CamScanner HD make studying and organizing notes a breeze. Find which apps work best for you and then use them!
Use eBooks to Lighten the Load
Gone are the days where students have to lug around several large textbooks from class to class; instead think about using eBooks to lighten the load in your backpack. The tablet comes preloaded with the NOOK app, giving users free and easy access to more than 3 million books, magazines, and newspapers. You can also download and gain access to the Kindle eBooks and Borders BookStore apps among others to expand your eBook library. 
Activate your Office 365 Personal Account
The 2-in-1 tablet comes fully loaded with a one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Personal, with all of the programs a student needs to do well in school (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook). Make sure to activate your one-year subscription within six months of Windows activation date to gain access to these important tools. 
Students can also use Skype to video chat for homework help from friends; plus store, share, access and edit their files online across multiple devices with 1 TB of OneDrive online storage free for one year. Backing up important school files is a foolproof way to avoid forgetting an assignment at home.



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