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Thank you for choose Bben intelligent terminal products, we will according to " microcomputer pc product repair replacement return the liability ", in accordance with national authorities issued to our product Three Guarantees implementation of a comprehensive service, for our customers to provide quality service


Ⅰ.Service commitment

From the date of purchase , product performance failure occurs within seven days or return , 15 days replacement, one year warranty.


Ⅱ.BBEN Product Warranty Explanation

(I) free warranty range

1) Hardware damage When the User in normal use during free warranty period.

2) Hardware and software compatibility issues, BBEN product of the system itself due to technical problems caused by ;

3) The same fault phenomenon within one month after the warranty period.


(Ⅱ) List of main components warranty period, Parts category Part name free, Maintenance period service mode

Since the whole year from the date of purchase Customer Carry back to repair.

The main components of motherboard , CPU, memory , TP, Hard disk, for one year since the date of purchase.

Other parts batteries, power adapters, from 6 months since the date of purchase

(Ⅲ) For following conditions are not covered by the warranty for free repair

1) Over warranty period of the defective parts

2)failure to use or maintain the operating manual instructions provided for use of the environment caused by the failure ;

3)The user of pirated software and failures caused by a virus ;

4)The user to add or modify the configuration of a system failure caused the problem ;

5)Due to customer improper use or use of substandard goods caused by damage to parts ;

6)Due to man-made damage.

7)Mechanical failure due to force majeure ( such as earthquakes, fires, floods, falling, collision , etc. ) caused .


Ⅲ. Pay attention

1)Computer failure when repair time , customer should Make a backup of files and data by yourself , otherwise will loss files and data during maintenance , BBEN Company and authorized service station does not bear any responsibility ;

2)If the user computer failure , please provide purchase invoice and warranty card when take back for repair.

3)After the user purchase, please backup gift random disk , safekeeping , if damaged peril.



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