ODM(Original Design Manufacturer)。Different from the traditional foundry model, BBEN can provide customers from the overall design to finished production of full service support. In this mode, users only need to propose target product.


Most of the traditional electronic solutions companies provide widely used processor with fixed common functions. Only a few design companies can use the world's most advanced processor architectures, and through extensive industry experience and strong technical strength, initiative to take measures to help customers ahead of the competition in competitive environment.


Professional design does not stop at the sale. After the purchase provide outstanding technical services for several months to several years is the focus of cooperation. Those engineers who responsible for project design will use these information to develop the best solutions to meet customers’ need. From product design and warranty synchronization to more effectively manage and process user feedback, to provide greater customer experience. In short, ODM, to meet customer for the beginning, customer feedback for the end.


If you have customized needs, please contact us, we will contact you timely !


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