1. Save Written printing jobs

2. The original handwriting signature, real-time review and annotate documents, and automatically converted into a standard text format

3. Meeting vote, voting digitization, simplify procedures, improve efficiency

4. Video conferencing systems, multi-party video conferencing


Paperless office applications, not only can save a lot of resource consumption, reduce agency office supplies inputs to be effective coordination between the various departments to work together, the competent departments at all levels to easily keep track of the progress of work, work track inspection and supervision, to effectively improve the daily office efficiency. Many government departments meeting, to be print amount documents before each meeting, heavy meaningless repetitive work, consumes a lot of manpower and resources, both resulting in a waste of resources, also affects the working efficiency.   In response to these phenomena in recent years, paperless office demand increasingly strong ,BBEN Tablet PC to synchronize the information retrieval, the original handwriting sign documents, video conferencing and voting, etc. will perfect achieve the meeting documents electronically, reflecting the green environmental protection and construction of economical machine spirit. Promote work towards a paperless office processes, standardization, so that all departments clear division of responsibility, strict implementation of specific work, work to eliminate the information transmission congestion, delay, distortion and so fundamental to ensure that the correct information improve work efficiency.



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