1.highly portable, on-site first aid to solve the problem

2.Long battery life, mobile office

3.The electronic medical records, electronic health management, electronic billing

4.Support on-site inspections, data transfer pictures, expert’s remote consultation

2014 Chinese smart health overall market size of 11.39 billion yuan, is expected by 2017 this figure will climb to 36.53 billion yuan. Smart health from the big side, there is the hospital's information technology (including electronic medical records, electronic prescriptions, electronic processes, electronic rounds, etc.), Internet-based medical information (including all types is the fire Xunyiwenyao website, APP application), the agent of medical devices of things (pharmaceutical / blood / equipment such as RFID management, etc.), as well as remote health care telemedicine, has a huge market volume.

BBEN Tablet PC ultra-thin, highly portable features, First aid to solve problems, to meet the needs of mobile office in the hospital, Long battery life, effectively ensuring a day's work required; high-speed large-capacity hard disk can store all kinds of medical massive internal file download and medical books; high-definition video, support for on-site inspections, data transfer pictures, experts remote consultation. Doctors and patients and their families, but also hoping to portable computer equipment, timely understanding of the disease, treatment options to obtain details, clear guidance dosage and fees. BBEN Tablet PC, with excellent performance quality, as the health care system to improve efficiency, improve service and reliable choice.






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